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Talking Hat Finissage 15.10. with Kelvin Sholar Trio

Kelvin Sholar Trio live at the Talking Hats Finissage

When: Sunday 15th of October 7pm to midnight

Where: Zagreus- Projekt, Brunnenstraße 9, 10119 Berlin

It is the closing night of Beatrice’s Talking Hats exhibition and we are ready to celebrate all together! Live music with the Kelvin Sholar Trio as well as DJ Elle in between sets. Prepare yourselves for a night of dancing to a mixture of jazz, rhythm & blues and soul!

7pm Doors open 7pm ‐ 8pm: DJ Elle 8pm - 8.45pm: Kelvin Sholar trio 8.45pm to 9.15pm: DJ Elle 9.15pm to 10pm: Kelvin Sholar 10pm to midnight: DJ Elle

Sliding scale: 10 to 15 euros at the door

Music by Kelvin Sholar Trio Since 2015, Kelvin Sholar (Piano/Keyboard), Charles Sammons (Bass) and Eric Vaughn (Drums) have been performing international shows together. Their program consists of original compositions, as well as, unique arrangements of famous Jazz, Blues, Pop or Classical compositions.

Exhibition Finissage The show "Talking Hats" presents a series of ceramic sculptures by Beatrice Jugert at Zagreus gallery in form of various hats. The cap itself is a simple bowl form and seems to reflect the cranium of a skull or an empty vessel. Every hat in the ensemble represents a social group, a profession or different religions. The question of status is being negotiated. As well to what extent can we choose identity and belonging? How do you find the ego in the collective. Individual pieces form the collection are meant as references to iconic personalities or inspired art work depicting hatgear. The hat protects and warms, it hides and represents. We ate a delicious Zagreus menu from hats for two month!

Zagreus Project art gallery and restaurant run for 23 years by Ulrich Krauss

Event hosted @beatricejugert with @jamhausberlin


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